Deciding whether you need help with addiction often begins on a self-assessment basis. As only you will ever know how bad your addiction is.

Once you accept your need for addiction treatment you can begin the process of researching rehabilitation centres and treatment options. It is important you consider help from a rehab facility because addiction is a chronic disease. So you need medical assistance and appropriate support groups.


Am I An Addict?

Everyone that drinks alcohol, takes drugs or gambles will become addicted. Some will be completely fine, others will develop a certain level of dependency and finally the rest will become addicted.

You may think that dependency and addiction are the same but there are subtle differences.

Dependency is when your mind or body changes to need your chosen addiction and you will have withdrawal symptoms if you were to reduce or quit. You can have physical and emotional dependencies to addictions.

Addiction differs as it is dependency plus tolerance, minus control. So you will now choose your preferred addiction above family, friends, work, education or basic needs. And over time you may need to partake more often in your addiction to feel ‘normal’.


Signs And Symptoms You Need Treatment For Your Addiction

There are a number of factors and signs that indicate that you need treatment for your addiction. One of the easiest signs is uncontrollable cravings or withdrawal symptoms if you reduce or quit.

These signs are easier to notice in someone with a substance use disorder; drugs and alcohol. Behavioural addictions, like gambling, can be harder to notice especially in the early stages.

Physical Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

  • You have a higher tolerance – You need more of your chosen addiction to either get ‘high’ or feel ‘normal’.
  • Appetite changes – this will depend on what substance you are addicted to. For example; Cannabis use increases your appetite, whereas cocaine will suppress it.
  • Extreme and sudden changes in appearance – Losing or gaining weight, neglecting your appearance or a general lack of hygiene.
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Mood swings – you may also be very easily irritated.


Psychological Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

  • Feeling you are unable to stop your addiction.
  • Continuing your addiction despite health issues arising.
  • Relying on your addiction to handle emotions or problems.
  • Heightened stress levels when working out how you will acquire your next ‘hit’.
  • Partaking in risking behaviours – either to obtain your chosen addiction or as a result of your addiction.


How To Get Help

If you are considering addiction treatment and if you have any questions or concerns regarding what you have read on this page then get in contact with us today.

We have a range of treatment facilities ready to help you overcome your substance or behavioural addiction.

All of our centres can provide behavioural therapies which will help you identify the cause of your addiction and help you to become addiction free. Every centre also offers a range of relapse prevention planning and aftercare options.

Contact us today for help with your addiction.