There are many different types of drug you can develop an addiction to. Most people will instinctively think of illegal drugs when hearing the phrase drug addiction. But many people can very easily develop substance use disorders to prescription medications. 


What Are The Main Signs Of Drug Addiction?

Although different drugs will have different signs and symptoms there are common characteristics. These apply to noticing drug addiction in yourself or a loved one: 

  • Lying about taking substances 
  • Lying about the amount or frequency you are taking a substance 
  • Behaviours have changed 
  • Emotionally turbulent
  • Immunity issues, experience physical sickness more frequently. 
  • Drug use is affecting your work or education
  • Lack of interest in old hobbies. 
  • Rapid weight change
  • Irregular sleep patterns

It is important you do not need to be experiencing ALL of these issues to consider getting help for drug addiction. 


When Should I Get Help For Drug Addiction? 

Knowing when to get help can be difficult with drug addictions. Substance abuse by nature affects your brain and mental state, thus affecting your objectivity. But we believe you should reach out for help as soon as you believe you have a drug addiction. Or your drug use has become uncontrollable. 


What Can I Expect From Drug Addiction Treatment? 

Although all rehabilitation facilities will have slightly different therapy and treatment options, there is a process they all tend to follow. You will begin on your admission day by going through a full clinical assessment. This will reveal the severity of your addiction, which will inform the treatments and therapy programme prescribed. 

Before you can begin these treatments and therapies you will have to go through detoxification. Detoxification is the process of medically withdrawing from your chosen drug, safely. It is advised to do this under medical supervision because some drugs can have dangerous or unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. But the rehab staff can prescribe medication to alleviate these symptoms so you are ready to start therapy. 

During treatment and therapy, you will explore the causes of your drug addiction. You will also learn the techniques to achieve long term sobriety. During these sessions, you will also develop a relapse prevention plan and organise aftercare services. Because recovery doesn’t end when you leave your chosen rehabilitation centre. 

All our rehab facilities aim to get and keep you drug-free. This is accomplished by teaching you your personal risk factors and maintaining the work achieved during your treatment plan. 


 How Long Does Rehab Last? 

The amount of time you are in residential rehabilitation will depend on a variety of factors. The type of addiction and severity will all affect the overall time you advise. For the most part, 28 days is the recommended duration for rehabilitation. 

This gives you time to go through detoxification and participate in all the necessary treatments and therapies. All of this will prepare you fully for when you return home. And give you all the skills and techniques required for maintaining lifelong sobriety.


Contact us today to start getting help for drug addiction for yourself or a loved one.